Warranty Policy on Elite Diesel

Warranty Policy on Elite Diesel

During the period of two years from the date of purchase, Elite Diesel Engineering will replace any needed parts that may be causing improper function. This warranty will be performed in full or partial after receiving and inspecting the defective injector. If, in the best judgment of Elite Diesel Engineering, the injector failure is a result of dirty fuel/oil, contaminated fuel/oil (i.e. water in fuel/oil), or fuel lacking lubrication (i.e. high gasoline concentration) then customer will be subject to a pro-rated warranty where customer is responsible for any extra costs. Likewise, any damage to injector nozzle from excessive heat (i.e. high exhaust gas temperatures), contact with engine coolant or damage from piston failure will be repaired at the cost of purchaser.

Purchaser understands that Elite Diesel Engineering Powerstroke injectors are a performance product and that Elite Diesel Engineering will not be responsible for, nor cover, any related Labor, Storage, Rental Car, Towing, Hotel, or any other costs associated with the failure of an injector. Customer will be responsible for shipping to Elite Diesel Engineering and Elite Diesel Engineering will pay ground return shipping to customer. Expedited shipping will be at the customers expense. Warranty must be performed by Elite Diesel Engineering, and Elite Diesel Engineering will not pay another injection shop to do any needed repairs. If, upon inspection, injector has been tampered with or modified beyond original Elite Diesel Engineering specifications, then warranty will be void. 

Exceptions to above warranty: Stage 5 - 295cc Insanity Injectors for 6.0L Powerstroke have a one year warranty. Due to the competition intended use of Stage 6, 7, or 8 Injectors for the 6.0L Powerstroke, these injectors do not have a warranty. 

6.0L and 7.3L Powerstroke Injector Core Policy

Upon purchase of Powerstroke injectors from Elite Diesel Engineering, customer will be charged an up front core deposit. Upon return and thorough inspection of core injectors, customer will be refunded either the full or a partial pro-rated core deposit. A pro-rated core refund is affected by many factors. Upon inspection of the injectors by Elite Diesel Engineering, if internals are destroyed or missing, if injector nozzle tips are broken/cracked, or if external electrical connector is broken (i.e. tabs missing) then customer will receive a pro-rated core refund. Please note: when core is received they will immediately go into queue in our injector department. We expedite the process as quickly as possible, however orders and core inspections are done in a first-come first-serve basis.


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